Hi All,

I’m working with wM 6.1, receiving TRADACOMS and EDIFACT 96A Orders and Invoices, using TN.
These messages will be sent via AS2 with encryption and signature.

My question is which receive method should I use to decrypt, verify and recognize the TRADACOMS and EDIFACT EDI messages:

  • WmTRADACOMS.wm.b2b.tradacoms:receive
  • wm.EDIINT:receive

Which URL should the customers that wish to send us EDI via AS2 use?

Thanks in advance for your help.

If it’s AS2 then it should be wm.EDIINT:receive to decrypt the msg and extract the payload.

Hi Chris,
I’ll explain the problem a bit more.
When I submit a TRADACOMS message vai the, TN cannot recognise that it’s indeed a TRADACOMS message.
If the message send via AS2, it will be encrypted and signed by the sender.
In order to decrypt, we need the EDIINT.receive, but this way, it will not be recognised as a TRADACOMS, unless TN routes this message to the TRADACOMS.receive, instead of the tn.receive.

On the other hand, if I submit an EDIFACT Message via the TRADACOMS, it won’t even be sent to TN. An error is thrown stating that the message is not TRADACOMS.

I’m in a deadlock here.
Any suggestions?



The Trading Partner should send the document to wm.EDIINT:receive service.In the EDIINT homepage, configure it to submit the payload to TN.In the User Profile of the Trading Partner, Under Security/Decrypt, specify the certificate. TN automatically decrypts the document and submit the payload to TN.