We are trying to provide support for AS2 standard to our clients for some propertiery (not EDI) data format. My understanding is that we can use the EDIINT package for data exhange process and then can use a custom flow/java service for post processing of the data.

How should we go about doing this.
1- Should/Can we modify the wm.ediint.receive process or write our own process that calls wm.ediint.receive to perform AS2 related tasks and then does post-processing of the data.
2- Should we define a processing rule/service to be called after ediint.receive. If yes how do we do this.]
3- I noticed that in EDIINT pacakge there is an option to call user defined process, but I can’t seem to get it working.

Thanks much

Hi Tahira,

When your partners send the AS2 messages, they can directly send it to ediint:receive service. For post processing you will have to write your own code. You can modify the ediint:receive service, but it’s a good idea to write the post processing flow in your custom code and call that service from the ediint:receive service so that when there is upgrade for the package you have to change just one line.
Also when you install the WmEDIINT package it should create the processing rule for you in TN.


You need to create a new processing rule which invokes your custom service. Put this rule before the default rule for ediint document types and let ediint.receive service submit the inbound doc to TN.
Hope this helps