EDIINT AS2 using Cyclone

Anybody out there integrated webMethods EDIINT AS2 solution with Cyclone EDIINT AS2 product?
I have some specific content-type issues to discuss.

Hi PU,
Our VAN provider uses Cyclone Commerce’s AS2 adapter to connect to our webMethods EDIINT AS2 adapter. We customized the webMethods 4.5 version of the adapter and that is what they connect to. We have document transactions going inbound and outbound with them. We may be able to help out…


Hi Ben,
We are using EDIINT 4.6 with TN 4.6. I am not familiar much with Cyclone product. And also I don’t have access to it. One of our partner is using it.
We try to use cutom Content-Types and other end don’t know if it is supported or not. Can we use custom content-types with Cyclone AS2 client at all? If yes, How and where, so that I can talk to them little more intelligently.
Also when I send them the document with “application/xml” and it is going to other/unknown documents folder. I am not sure why? Is there any other customization required on webMethods end or Cyclone end?

I am not that familiar with the Cyclone products either, and it sounds like most of your issues are centered around the lack of visibility into and around the Cyclone product. I will forward these questions to our VAN provider and see if they have any insight. From my experience, I had to speak with Cyclone support directly and actually bolted the Cyclone support environment into ours to resolve our issues, because the tech person at our VAN had inherited the AS2 aspect and wasn’t that familiar with it, thus Cyclone support was able to support their customer a little easier. At any rate, I was able to get a support .pdf of the Cyclone Commerce Interchange product and will send it to you, it may have some information around content types. However, I’m not sure which Cyclone product/version(s) you may be dealing with.

We are just starting to work with a partner with Cyclone and we are using Wm 4.6. Have you been successful?
Here is one tip we found:
Apparently Cyclone can’t handle a url with a “/” at the end. If you send it an EDIINT AS2 message you will get a Server Error: Service unavailable (http 503) in the Activity log for the Transaction. Taking off the / at the end of the Location setting in the Profile enabled them to receive the message.

I am also having problems integrating the WM EDIINT AS2 solution with Cyclone. Was there any closure on this topic? I see the mentioning of a .pdf. How can I get a copy?