MFT synchronous processing of files

I have a requirement where in the customer will place the files on a mounted directory around the same time with in few seconds of each other. The first arrived file will be of processed and then the cancelled file in few seconds. Using MFT how will i ensure i pick the first in and first out processing of these files?

PS: MFT event will pick and execute a flow service for processing.

Hi Naveen,

As the source system places the file one after the other, I guess when you use the Post Processing event should take care of picking the first file and process it, and it will pick another file the moment it is available.

Please confirm what kind of event you are using. Also, you should be able to check other properties for each of these event configurations which can take care of sequencing.

Firoz N

Yes and can you try setup the WmMFT event (flow service) based on the file timestamp and pickup (serially-FIFO) as there should be one of the configuration in the MWS UI for Active Transfer VFS administration screens (sorry I don’t have the MFT setup up and running to give the exact setting details)


MFT component has a built-in feature in either scheduled or post processing to pick the files in first in first out manner. Tested and it works fine. Thanks all for your valuable suggestions.