MFT - File Not Found Exception Handling

Hello All,

We have an interface which is scheduled to run every 15 minutes between 1 AM and 3 :30 AM. The event will look for a set of files (with common regex) and pick them up. Once picked up and delivered successfully, then they are archived on source system. But source system may put the files somewhere between the above mentioned time frame.

Our requirement is to send out alerts when NO files are found by the event even after the last scheduled run at 3:30 AM. Is there any configuration in MFT that will help us to achieve this (without having to write custom logic) ?

Please let me know if you need more information.

1.) There is an option you need to check called “fail if no files found” when you execute file operation “Find” for the first time(where AT server looks for files in the source directory)
2.) Check the option “Execute Error Action” in the same operation i.e. “Find”
3.)Configure “Error Action” where you can specify the error message, mail subject and the mail ID to which you want to send the alert mail if source folder does not have files.

Try this and let me know if it works.