Unable to install IS from template based provisioning

hi All,

Need any valuable feedback if possible,
I have installed 10.7 trial version in my laptop. Also got a CC installed in the same directory.
I have configured the SPM in CCE and created a template from the existing IS server.
Now i need to install this template in my same laptop and hard drive(as part of my new Project POC, no other option as client access not there still).

Now i am able to install a new SPM in a different directory but unable to appy the tempalte successfully.
It gives below error in CCE when applying template:
[SPMCOME0007] Un-handled internal server error. There are unresolved variables in the provided properties: {repo.fix=${}} [EXPLANATION] A Platform Manager Exception occurred. [ACTION] Resolve the exception.

Also when new SPM was installed, i saw one error in install log saying:

21:23:00 warning TanukiWrapperImpl> Service could not be registered:
wrapperm | Unable to install the Software AG Platform Manager 10.7 service - The specified service already exists. (0x431)

21:23:00 error APP_ERROR> SPM: Failed to create service for profile: SPM
21:23:00 error APP_ERROR> SPM: InstallService.error Could not install service of profile SPM for product Platform Manager. Reason: Failed to create service for profile: SPM.
21:23:00 info SPMInstallPanel> SPMInstallPanel> Invoke step CreateSudoRcScript
21:23:00 info SPMInstallPanel> Skip install step. RC script is only for UNIX and only in service mode.
21:23:00 info SPMInstallPanel> SPMInstallPanel> Invoke step RegisterStartStop
21:23:00 info SPMInstallPanel> Register start/stop scripts…
21:23:00 info SPMInstallPanel> Scripts for start/stop registered successfully.
21:23:00 info OSGiUtilsImpl> Using InstallerProductProps implementation of getTargetDependProducts…

Can someone help me on this as am bit lagging on my poc.
IS,SPM,CCE all are on 10.7 version.


Hi Pranay,

if I remember right, Trial version only allows for one single instance of each component.


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hi Holger,

Is it? I am not aware of such clause.
In my windows laptop, already 1 CCE/IS/SPM is there, using these only, i am trying to install new IS in another directory. If your statement is right, then it will not work.

Pranay Misra

I just checked the trial license, there it is mentioned as ConcurrentSessions -Unlimited. So i dont think trial license is an issue.

I’m positive that ConcurrentSessions refers to the threshold of parallel sessions hitting that single IS instance, and not a reflection of the number of IS instances (or an aggregation of said sessions across such instances).

Having said that, I’m unable to confirm the number of instances that trial allows.
I’m checking this internally; will respond once I hear.



One thing I currently guess which might work is to install the second that as an application and not as a service (when installer asks for it).

What you are observing is that the second installation tries to install by using the same service identifiers which are already used by the first installation and does not allow to specify separate service identifiers during installation.

After installing as an application there might be an option top create the services with new service names using some scripts in the installation directory (see Administration Guide for details).


hi Holger,

But i am using template based provisioning to install 2nd IS, here there is no option to specify server as service or application.

Pranay Misra

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