Unable to create ImageFile using softwareAGInstaller wm9.8- Need urgent Help

Hi ,

I am trying to create Imagefile for wm9.8 using SoftwareAGInstaller20151015.jar.


Installing 2648446 KB into /opt/WebMethods-mon1/wm98/wm98Image.zip.

… 10% …
There was an error writing to disk. Try to fix the problem below and then select Retry.

Important! If you select Exit, the installer will exit. If you are creating a new installation, the installation will be incomplete. If you are upgrading, your existing installation will be inconsistent.

Problem: Connection reset

R (Retry) / C (Cancel) [ R ] ?

I suspect corporate proxy/anti-virus network seems to prevent the download to go through. Try on another server or get in touch with the network team.

Nanduru – There might be network problem, give a try again if still issues, contact network team in your org.


The error says “There was an error writing to disk.” Check to make sure you have permissions to write to that directory, the disk has enough disk space, etc.