Error Creating Image for 9.5 Using Latest Installer

I receive the following error at the end of the image creation when using the latest installer. Is there a way to download the installer for 9.5? Or will this installer work ok when trying to use it when doing the install?

15:53:14 error APP_ERROR> Installer: You are connecting to a development sandbox. The Installer Client is version 013014 and Server is version 090413. They should both be the same.

Hi Diane,

I assume you have privilege to download software. Please check the below link:



AFAIK this APP_ERROR will not cause any problem until unless there are no other APP_ERRORS.

@ Diane,
If you want to download the installer for 9.5 alone you can try downloading the installer for webMethods 9.5 free trail.

What is your webMethods image version 9.5/9.6?

I had downloaded the latest SoftwareAG Installer and used it to create an image file for WM 9.5, it created the image for 9.5 but on the last screen warned about that error. So not sure if using the installer with the image to actually install the product will give me issues or not.

hi Diane, I’m looking into this, will try to get an answer soon.

Marianne Fuller
Product Manager/Usability, Software AG Installer
Principal Technical Writer
Software AG, Reston, Virginia, USA

hi again Diane, the error was caused by a misconfigured setting on the server. It has been corrected, and your image should work fine. Please let me know if any further problems.


Ok, will re-post if I have issues when installing the product using the latest installer and image I created, thank you!