Software AG 10.3 Installation

While running the Software AG 10.3 Installer SoftwareAGInstaller20190416-w64.exe with image the process is stuck in the install with the following message : Please wait while the installer processes files, 19 out of 64 modules done. Has anyone run into this issue? Any advice would be appreciated.
Installer Message.docx (39.3 KB)

Can you verify the checksum of the image if it is not corrupted or tampered?

You might trying following as well:

  1. Temporary disable your antivirus during installation session
  2. How much time does it take on this screen? Some install operations are extensive and might take more time than expected.
  3. Is it always reproducible? Are you able to install from this image on another Windows machine?
  4. Check installation logs produced by Software AG Installer Client

Hi ,

Please check below

  1. Are you logging in to the machine as Administrator? If not, when you run the SAG Installer, please right click on the SAG Installer file and select “Run as administrator”, as shown in attached screenshot.

  2. As for the installation folder path, please make sure there is no space in the folder and path name.

  3. Are your 10.3 installation image recently downloaded? Is it possible to download a new one to retry? Or is it possible to test this installation on a simple path say C:\wm99 to see if it is folder path problem?

  4. The problem could be due to your machine resource limitation at the time of installation. It is recommended to close all applications/processes before you start, and ensure that there is sufficient memory/CPU/harddisk space during the installation.

5.Check the image file you are using whether it is corrupted or not .

  1. Try to check the installation logs if possible.

Santhosh Sunkari.