Problem Creating installation image for WebMethods 8.2 SP2

Hi Frens,

I am trying to create an Installation image for the Web Methods new release 8.2 SP2 using the latest SoftwareAG installer. I have selected the required components and let the installer to download and create image.

Once the installer downloads the required files, it started processing and processing goes well for a while, but its taking for ever to proceed further at 216th module and not processing further.

Is there anyone who encountered the same problem or what can be done to download the image successfully.

Thanks and Regards,

wm822_installer.docx (863 KB)

I manage to create. when you select all the components to create the image it takes a long time to process the downloaded files and it takes more than an hour to process a certain module. Being patience is the key… :slight_smile:

Thanks and Regards,