Unable to Connect to Broker

Dear All,

We got “[ISS.0098.0041C] Unable to connnect to Broker.Starting to poll” error message and IS was not responding. Restarting IS is the only option.
What could be the reason for this error?. Is there any broker fix to this problem?.

If anybody have got this error or have any idea please share with me.



Have you configured broker settings in IS admin to connect to the broker?
I dont think this error is the reason for IS going unresponsive.Configure IS to connect to broker and this message should go off

Dear Shahid,

Thank you very much for your reply.

We have configured Broker and have been working for the past 3 years in the Production Env without any issue. It happend suddenly during last week and IS was not picking any documents from Broker. Once we restarted IS everything was fine.


Which version of Broker and IS are you using ? Since these were working fine in production without any problem till recently, I would say don’t sweat too much on it unless it happens again. Did you recently changed anything like JVM or OS version or something ?

Dear Khan,

We are using IS 6.1, Broker 6.1 versions and we have not changed any settings as you have mentioned. But it happend suddenly once. After restart of IS and Broker everything works fine.


Check the advantage, I got quite a few results with the same problem you had. Just search the advantage with the reference number of the error i.e [ISS.0098.0041C] or you can click on the following link :


There are few fixes to solve the problem too.

Hi Khan,

We are facing this issue right in 6.5 version.OS level patch is chnaged and recalled back to earlier.Still it’s we could not able to start broker?

Any idea,How to start it