Unable to configure Broker from IS

I’ve tried to configure broker from IS -> Settings -> Messaging -> Broker Settings

But it showing connected option as NO.

I’ve restarted IS.After restarting also its not connecting.

Getting below errors on every restart:

2015-02-03 07:36:52 GMT [ISS.0098.0021I] Persistent Trigger Output Dispatcher started
2015-02-03 07:36:52 GMT [ISS.0098.0021I] Exactly Once Trigger Output Dispatcher started
2015-02-03 07:36:52 GMT [ISS.0098.0034I] webM IS RequestReplyHandler starting execution.
2015-02-03 07:36:52 GMT [ISS.0098.0027I] PersistenceManager started all Stores
2015-02-03 07:36:52 GMT [ISS.0097.0001E] Broker Synchronizer cannot open repository for sync-state storage:{1}
2015-02-03 07:36:52 GMT [ISS.0025.0035E] Dispatcher could not be started: java.lang.NullPointerException
2015-02-03 07:36:52 GMT [ISS.0025.0013I] Cache Sweeper started
2015-02-03 07:36:52 GMT [ISS.0035.0003I] Log rotation interval set to 86400000 ms
2015-02-03 07:36:52 GMT [ISS.0097.0002C] Broker Synchronizer has been disabled
2015-02-03 07:36:52 GMT [ISS.0025.0057I] Reading system level information
2015-02-03 07:36:53 GMT [ISS.0014.0002C] Initialization completed in 541 seconds.
2015-02-03 07:36:53 GMT [SAP.0118.0001W] Adapter is not using Centralized Transaction Store.
2015-02-03 07:36:53 GMT [MON.0119.0701I] Not performing Broker push (not connected)

And I’ve checked Broker status from MWS its working fine.

FYI - we are using wM 8.2.2

Can any one please advice me on this how to resolve this ?

I see your WmRepository might have been corrupted. Is this a fresh install? Was it working fine before you faced this issue?

No. its not fresh install.

it’s working before.

Is there any relation like, if dispatcher could not be started then broker connection fails ?

advice me how to check how to check whether dispatcher is running or not.

if WmRepository has been corrupted tell me how to recover.

Hi Satya Veerendra,

This can happen if the Integration Server shutdown process was abnormal and that can sometimes corrupt certain config files.

Please try the following after shutting down the IS.

Take a backup of DocumentStore, WmRepository4 folder and dispatch.cnf file from from IS directory and remove them.

  • Startup IS which will create new config files
  • Re-configure Broker
  • Restart IS again

Let me know if this helps resolve the issue.