[ISS.0098.0041C] Unable to connect to Broker. Starting to poll

current i am getting the below errors

[17894]2013-07-09 15:49:58 EDT [ISS.0098.0042I] Successfully reconnected to Broker. Stopped polling
[17893]2013-07-09 15:49:58 EDT [ISS.0025.0025I] Broker Synchronizer initialized
[17892]2013-07-09 15:49:48 EDT [ISS.0098.0041C] Unable to connect to Broker. Starting to poll

Please let me know how to fix this issue


Even though the errors appears…the Broker will still be processing documents but these shouldn’t be appear in the logs normally and it is related to configuration issue.

Is your IS running in cluster connected to same Broker Server and name?

Please check these Empower articles and see if this help:





yes servers are in cluster and connected to the same broker server and name.

I am not able to access the below url…getting access denined

You need to have Empower site login. (you can request your concerned manager to get access to it)

It has a series of resolution steps which I cannot copy and paste it here:

Please open a SAG support ticket and they can guide you step by step to resolve this issue.


Thanks for your quick response…i am having empower site access

nice to hear that:

Returning to the original question/error message:

When the IS starts to poll for broker, this means that the connection between IS and Broker has been lost.
As soon as the polling is able to connect to the Broker again, the connection is re-established and the polling stops.

So you should check for timeouts, firewall-clearances and similar issues to work around this problem.

I have only one Integration running and that talks to other brokers and it threw the Broker error for 10 seconds and recovered on its own.