Unable to access remote IS from the same network

Product/components: webMethods 10.11

When I am trying to access IS Admin from another system connected in the same network, I am getting like site is not reachable.

Can you please provide where is this blocking from accessing?

Check firewall settings if running it in Linux. If not please add more information related to your environment, OS, Antivirus, Firewall etc. Use the command firewall-cmd --list-all to view the current settings in Linux (RHEL,Centos etc)


Do “telnet IP port” from the system where you want to connect from. If it doesn’t connect, the access is blocked in network level. Nothing to do with IS unless your IS is down by itself.


I am using windows OS. I think it’s not related to network level issue. Because I am able to access IS Admin installed in remote system. Where as other systems are not able to connect IS Admin installed in my system.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have issues with network. Did you try

If you can create a connection with this, that means it is not a network issue. Try telnet and try to ping the machine where you want to access. If you can ping but can’t telnet, check firewall settings. Even if there isn’t any firewall installed locally, there might be something in your network that blocks it. Asking network/security engineers will clarify it.

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Some times the network/security teams do not allow you to ping thru firewalls, but you might be able to perform a telnet when connections was configured on the firewall.

In addition to ping you can try a traceroute/tracert (depends on OS) to detect how far the connection is working and where it breaks. But this follows the same rules as ping.

When you are able to access IS Admin via Browser, but no the IS itself (from the same box to the same host:port combination) via Designer, this might be a proxy issue.
Can you check the proxy settings from the Browser and the Designer Settings?


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@Warrior_S ,
You could also try invoking a simple service such as pub.flow:debugLog from another node and check if it is only a problem with the IS Admin page.


Hi All,

I am having both 10.7 and 10.11 installed in my system. Others are able to access 10.7 IS which is hosted in my machine. But when I shutdown 10.7 and running 10.11, the IS is unable to access by others. The network person checked and told the issue is with 10.11 only.

Also unable to connect from both browser and designer.

And remote invoke also failed.

Assuming that both 10.7 and 10.11 are on the same node with the same IP address , I would suggest you start 10.11 on the same port and check for access.
If you can access, it points to network configuration issues.
If you cannot access it, then it is probably an IS issue. Either way the next course of action would be clear.


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Assuming both your IS’ use the same port and you can connect them locally, check your firewall and antivirus settings. You may have disabled traffic for 10.11. Windows usually asks first time you launch an app. If you disabled that network access at that time you won’t be able to access remotely. From network perspective, it doesn’t matter what application communicates from a specific port, if you can connect to an IS but not to another that is hosted on the same server using same port you should have access. That means the problem is either in your firewall or in your antivirus, both locally. I recommend disabling them both and try again. Also check windows defender even if you are using an external firewall. It’s usually the first thing trying to disable access for any application.