How to connect to IS 9.6 using Designer 9.0

We are upgrading to webMethods 9.6 from 9.0 and we have completed the installation on our Dev servers.
But I am having challenges in connecting to the new Dev instance using my local Designer 9.0. I am getting an error saying no IS is available on the 5555 port, where as I am able to login to the IS admin console. Is Designer 9.0 not compatible with IS 9.6. Di I need to upgrade my designer to 9.6 as well Any help is really appreciated


Hi Kanchana,

it is recommended to keep servers and designer in sync otherwise not all functions might be available or working as expected.

Additionally you should take a glance at Designer RCP POC (which is a lighhtweight version of Designer 9.7), but keep in mind that this is only able for service and doc type development.
It is currently not supporting Process, CAF or Task Development.


Why not you upgrade your designer too. Do you have any issues in that?

I am not sure if it supports backward compatibility.

I tried installing the Designer 9.6, but still getting the similar error

Connection failed for test.expdev.local:5555 (there is no Integration Server on the specified port, or the proxy server is not available)
Connection timed out: connect

I verified the IS server is up

My bad, our company firewall was blocking it. Looks like we are good to go with our development now.

I see Windows Firewall is the culprit! Anyways thanks for taking time and posting. :slight_smile: