Designer 10.3 loosing session, services getting read-only

Hi folks,
Did anyone bumped into this?
In the midst on a session, the Designer (10.3), out of blue,

  • loses the session (“connection lost”) or
  • you simply are not allowed to apply any change on an already locked service (eg. add a variable into the pipeline, or adding a new step into the flow?

These are the fixes applied into the IS (IS Admin | About | Software | Updates):

  • IS_10.3_SPM_Fix1
  • IS_10.3_Core_Fix8
  • IS_10.3_SPM_Fix4

The Designer runs on my computer (a Windows -based machine) and the IS runs on a Linux box.

Feng, this used to happen due to network connection setting in Designer preferences. Can you check if that is set to Direct or Native ? Check the Active provider under Designer preferences > Network connections and modify the settings.

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@Senthilkumar_G, thanks for the hint. So far,
I was assuming that it ought to be something in the IS, although there wasn’t any clue in the server.log, for I found nothing there.

I’m currently using “Active Provider: Direct”. I’ll try using other combinations…

I have tested all configurations: Direct, Manual and Native. All three yields the same results.
Perhaps it is some VPN-related issue.

And mudding the waters a bit more: everytime I try to rename a service, the Designer thinks a while, and after some moments, it gets disconnected from the IS. Checking on the IS side, there is no errors in the server.log and no signs other of the disconnection.

Hi Feng,

Recently we had similar issue reported by a customer & on further investigating the issue, we found that during slow connectivity via VPN, sometimes the packet losses were observed & during that time the Designer - IS connectivity was also dropped/affected. We have fixed the issue internally but the official Integration Server (IS) fix is not yet available & due for release in 10.3 version.


@Prashant_Prashan, thanks for sharing this.

And it’s good to hear that this was fixed, .

Any estimate on when the fix will be available?

Hi Feng,
Thanks for reverting but unfortunately I don’t have ETA on the fix availability so far…


is there any workaround to alleviate this situation?

The reason is that this sort of sympton is not deterministic. There are days that the Designer gets through many days without any glitch. And “out of blue”, like today, it cannot even request creating a folder that the Designer loses the connection.
And despite of any number of retries on clicking the button [read as ‘fervorous’ and ‘head bangs’ ], the connection is dropped - and the folder never gets created.