Designer 10.3 loosing session, services getting read-only

Hi folks,
Did anyone bumped into this?
In the midst on a session, the Designer (10.3), out of blue,

  • loses the session (“connection lost”) or
  • you simply are not allowed to apply any change on an already locked service (eg. add a variable into the pipeline, or adding a new step into the flow?

These are the fixes applied into the IS (IS Admin | About | Software | Updates):

  • IS_10.3_SPM_Fix1
  • IS_10.3_Core_Fix8
  • IS_10.3_SPM_Fix4

The Designer runs on my computer (a Windows -based machine) and the IS runs on a Linux box.

Feng, this used to happen due to network connection setting in Designer preferences. Can you check if that is set to Direct or Native ? Check the Active provider under Designer preferences > Network connections and modify the settings.

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@Senthilkumar_G, thanks for the hint. So far,
I was assuming that it ought to be something in the IS, although there wasn’t any clue in the server.log, for I found nothing there.

I’m currently using “Active Provider: Direct”. I’ll try using other combinations…