Unable to connect to Remote Server ***: java.net.ConnectionException

Hello friends,

I’m new to wM. [b]I am able to connect to other’s Remote servers(IS server). But other’s unable to connect to my Remote server(IS server) from their systems. Even though my IS is running, when accessing my IS in remote getting an error as Connection timed out.

Also getting error when others trying to publish packages to my IS server.[/b]

Here i’m attaching about the error. Please provide me solution to this problem.

Looks like your server is not reachable from theirs, check network/firewall setting either on your side or theirs.

Hello Tong Wang,

Thank you so much for your reply. Exactly it is problem with network/firewall. I kept windows firewall setting as “OFF”. Then it is allowing out side connections also.

And moreover previously , i could not able to create TN partner profiles. When i’m creating i used to get an error as

“com.webmethods.sc.caching.CachingException: Failed to create/get distributed cache ‘TNQueryResults@VMTest:5555’; reason: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to start Service “Cluster” (ServiceState=SERVICE_STOPPED, STATE_ANNOUNCE);”

But after i switch OFF the windows firewall. Even TN Partner profiles also creating without getting this error. Is there any dependency between TN Partner Profiles and Windows Firewall. Please let me know i’m new to wM.

is your IS/TN in a cluster ?

Hello JKhan,

Thanks for your reply. My IS/TN is not in cluster. But, if i turn on the firewall i’m getting the same problem as i mentioned earlier. So, i could not able to understand why i’m unable to create partner profiles and also my IS not allowing others to add my remote server. Please let me know the reason behind this.

Thanks & Regards


Hi Sai,
TN is completely dependent on database. When ever you create any partner profiles, processing rules, or you do any operation with TN, it queries database. When your firewall is ON, most probably it is restricting your integration server (guess you have IS installed in your local system) to access the database server.

Hope this clarifies…


Hi Senthil,

As you said that, i installed IS in local machine. I got the reason why partners profiles were not creating in TN. Thank you very much for your reply.