Resource Bundle Error During IS Start up

Hi Experts,
I am not able to start IS on linux server. While looking into the logs, I did notice below error -
Can someone suggest, what could be the issue here ?
Unable to load resource bundle com.softwareag.mft.resources.TunnelMsgRes: caught java.util.MissingResourceException: Can’t find bundle for base name com.softwareag.mft.resources.TunnelMsgRes

Could you provide more of the server log ? I’m not sure if the message you gave is the reason why the server failed to start up.
What version are you running and have you successfully started it before ?
Have you enable the either the ISInternal or ISCoreAudit DB destinations ?

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@John_Carter4 : Thanks for the response. Apart from this error I am not seeing any other error in the logs and not sure what else is the issue due to which Server is not getting Up and running. I have attaached screenshot as well.
Also, this is for version 10.5

According to the log, your server is up and ready.
The admin port is activated on port 5555, if you try to access it from a browser do you see the admin screen ?

What is it you are expecting to see?

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yeah I assume the same . However when we try to ping on port 5555 it is not giving any response. Also, tried the http://hostname:5555 but it is timing out as well.

Is the process up and running on the machine where IS is executing? Are you running browser from same machine? If not, can there be any firewall issue for the port?



just a small addition:

According to the screenshot the error message comes up while activating the WmMFT package.
Therefore I assume an issue with the Active File Transfer/ManagedFileTransfer installation/configuration.

Please provide wM version and list of Fixes applied (esp. for IS Core and MFT).


Hi Kumar_Saurav2,
As Holger mentioned, the resource bundle errors may be indicating some issue with WmMFT package and it’s logging functionality and that may be due to some fix mismatch. These resource bundle errors are not causing the connectivity issue you reported.

The logs do indicate that the Integration Server has started the 5555 listener. Run netstat command to ensure port 5555 is in LISTENING state. I’m not aware of any cause for it to not in that state after IS logs indicated that the corresponding listener started correctly. And, I’m assuming you are able to ping that linux VM from the computer where you are trying to access that host:port. You could also use telent to check connection to a host:port.

I also think that the main issue is due to fact that the linux vm is not allowing connections to 5555 (i.e. the rules of the firewall where this Integration Server is running is not allowing connecting to the 5555 port from another machine). Please fix that and that should correct the issue. If it’s still a connectivity issue, please let us know but I highly doubt that would be the case.