Designer Connection closed error

Hi All,

I have IS server running up.But when trying to connect from designer getting error as “ [ISC.0064.9306] Connection was closed during read”,but when trying to open admin console view from designer it is working.
Getting this problem from last 2 days,before that everything was working fine.I have also tried with uninstalling designer but no luck.

Here i have attached complete log from designer(eclipse).There is no corresponding log generated at IS log,request is not hitting at all to IS.

log.txt (4.65 KB)

Share more details: wM version? Are you on Windows 8?

Before uninstalling did you try to restart the designer?

Might be a memory or JVM issue. Not able to predict what could be the issue.

Using wm 9.7 in Windows os.
I have tried with restarting server,but no luck.


I think this is due to some port related issue.

Have created a new http port and able to connect using this new port.


So creating a new port and make it as a primary port fixed your issue. Thanks for the information.

Do you have other webMethods installation running on the same port?

If some other IS had been running on 5555 then recent IS would not have come up normally. I guess issue was different which blocked 5555 port.

@ Baharul : Let us know a bit more details on this.


IS is still now comming on port no 5555(primary port) ,but not able to connect from Designer but IS admin page is working fine.

I have created a new https port 6666(not primary) and able to connect from designer through this new port.May be the problem is with designer because whenever trying to connect to port 5555 ,it is immediately throwing error without any delay.

Previously there was IS 9.5 installed with port 5555 ,but I have completely removed this and was able to use 9.7 from couple of weeks back.