Can't connect to IS and MWS.

Hi Experts,

I installed webMethods 10.3 on a virtual machine. All services work on localhost.
Then I forwarded the ports and tied to the server ports to access the IS and MWS remotely.
But could not connect. Who faced such a problem, what to do?
How can I access IS and MWS remotely?
Maybe I need to configure IS and MWS, if so, how to do it?

Best regards,

Have you eliminated all factors like firewalls both on the virtual machine as well as host machine?

Also, port forwarding will in all likelihood forward to the first NIC (difficult to guess without more information on virtualisation technology used nor configuration). Using localhost on the virtual machine will bind to the

I don’t think it’s IS/MWS specific.

Thank you very much. Your advice solved my problem. After turning off the firewall on the VM, it all worked.