Unable to Access Business Console Processes Page

Hi Team,

I have gone through the documentation and was confused on what all components needs to be installed in order to make Business Console Working. It mentions Mashzone is required to view analytics page but when i open the business console analytics page on browser it is asking for Mashzone NextGen Server ( I guess Mashzone NG is nothing but Presto with some more products coupled along with it).

I want to access Processes and Home page mainly for which i have installed IS, MWS, Optimize, Monitor, Process Engine & Tasks Engine. Still i am unable to open Processes page in Business Console (Have created few process models with Task and triggered them and able to see them in MWS).

Fix Details:
  Integration Server
    Integration Server Core 10.0 Fix 1
    Integration Server WmCloud 10.0 Fix 1
  My webMethods Server
    My webMethods Server 10.0 Fix1
    Business Console 10.0 Portal Fix 1
    Business Console 10.0 Runtime Fix 1
    Rules Management Console 10.0 Fix 1
  webMethods Monitor
    Monitor 10.0 Fix 1

System Details:
OS: Windows Server 2008
wM version: 10.0

Also, can i integrate Mashzone 9.12 with wM 10.0 version?

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Did you configured all servers (INTEGRATION SERVER HOST, ANALYTIC ENGINE HOST, MASHZONE NEXTGEN SERVER HOST) at Administration -> My webMethods -> System Settings on MWS?
Also, after logging in to Business Console as Administrator, navigate to “Administer Business Console” on top right and configure all server details including Analytics engine details @ “Analytical Engine Settings”.

Hi Prasad,

We have multiple instances where we are running Business Console.

For the first Instance, we haven’t configured Mashzone NextGen & Mashzone Rest all are configured correctly and showing Green tick.
Yes, we have configured the details in Business Console Admin Page as well.

One question here, we haven’t provided username/password @ “Analytical Engine Settings” will it have any affect? Because even by providing Admin/manage password it didn’t have any impact.

For the second Instance, we have configured Mashzone but not Mashzone NextGen because as per documentation Mashzone Next Gen is not a mandatory component to install in order to view Processes Tab.

Same issue in both the cases.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Hi Gents,

Got update from SAG that issue is fixed and will be released with Business Console 10.0 fix 2 , which will be released by 5th June.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Hi Prasad, can this part be done by chanding properties file/config files so that it need not be done in UI, can be completed beforehand ? Any idea…