MWS Configuration

Is it only possible to configure IS server details through MWS/BusinessConsole UI in order view details of business processes. Can this configuration details be mentioned locally in files. so that once MWS gets restarted the configuration happens and it doesn’t require UI actions.?

Where is the properties file for MWS as well as business console?

can anyone help with this.


Hi Hima,

MWS config is stored in several XML files located in the MWS database schema as long as they were not extracted to the local config directory of MWS.
Check for MWS/server/default/config folder in your MWS installation directory.

After storing the extracted and modified config back to the database these files can be deleted from the local config directory.

Local config directory has priority before checking the database.
Despite where the concrete config is stored this should survive a restart of the MWS.

Did you check the MWS Administrators Guide, the Monitor Users Guide as well as some BusinessConsole UI documentation for further informations?

If you have some concrete observations and questions, please provide some more details incl. versions, fixes, screenshots etc.


Hi Hima,

Once the configuration is done on MWS even through UI for the first time, the details get stored in the database of MWS and stay there till you re-build the DB again. So MWS restarts shouldn’t cause any problems for the same.

I would prefer to leave the files of MWS on the local config directory unless we are 100% sure what we are touching and how it impacts.

The process audit database details are must to show the process instances in MWS which can be configured once.

If your restarts of MWS are like re-initialization with new DB entries then only we have to think of automating the files to be updated with server details and other details required for BPM UI to be functional.

Firoz N

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Thank you so much @Holger and @Firoz. The information provided really helps on understanding MWS configurations.

But incase if you know of any init script or method to configure MWS and Business Console directly to the correct path of IS, for a new installation of MWS, other than doing it from UI please let me know .


Hi Hima,

can you provide some screenshots of your configuration screens where the path to the IntegrationServer needs to be configured?

I am not aware of any place in MWS where the path to IS can be configured, only its host and port name for interconnection.

When building your environmnent with CommadCentral you should be able to provide most of the configuration there.
Otherwise you will have to do the configuration via MWS UI once.


Hi Holger,

Configuring in the sense ,defining the hostname and port of IS for interconnection between MWS and IS. attaching the screenshots.

As you said , I believe this part is stored in the MWS database itself, so once if I connect MWS and IS through UI those details will exist in MWS database, and if I create another instance of MWS connecting to the same database, the connection comes up and I don’t have to connect it through UI at all.

Also does Command central provide an init script to configure/connect MWS to the correct servers for IS,Analytical Engine ?If possible, could you mention the part in Command central documentation that defines this.

Much appreciated.


Hi Hima,

we are not using CommandCentral yet.

The ESB Admin settings are only used when you try to access IS Admin pages through MWS.
The second screen shot is more important as this one configures the urls for i.e. Monitor UI.

As we are still on wM 9.12 there is no BusinessConsole UI yet. This one was introduced with wM 10.x afaik.