MWS Logs Path


I am trying to change path or log files for mws (v 7.1.2) but could not find any file or any other reference. Can someone point me to right direction on how/where to make changes to change the log path.

thanks in advance


There are a few places you can try:
in file: webMethods7\MWS\server\default\config\
i think this is the master control

also check file:

I never try it before, hope you can make it work

none of these files exist under MWS folder. Tried creating but null got null pointer exception.

any other ideas?

Are you not seeing the folder path atleast till here:?


folder path does exist. but files are not there.

i have multiple installations of MWS 712 and none have these files. If you have logging property files, can you send it to me


don’t know why you don’t have the files. I have 7.1.1 version, they may changed it in 7.1.2.

can you send your files?

Please find the attached files for your reference:

RMG (3.37 KB)


i had to try out some setting but it worked and now i have logs generated at different location, outside of server folders

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