TSA configuration for IS 9.9 cluster


I configured TSA for IS cluster with the attached “tc-config.xml”
I have installed Terracotta Server at the 2 nodes below,

But both Terracotta Servers start as ACITVE.
Please sincerely tell the reason or some hints to start one server as PASSIVE.

(I should ask this at terracotta community site, but I could not login
because of something wrong with my account.
So, I post at this webthods community.)

Best regards,
Shogo Tatsuzawa

tc-config.xml (16.8 KB)

Hi Shogo
I attach a sample tc-config.xml

Not sure which TC version you use - there are config samples.
Suggest you place servers in servers section if samples show it; did not try otherwise.

Please paste TSA server log - it will show tc-config.xml which is used.

On Windows - there may be Firewall blocking preventing TSA servers communication.
Please try if possible without Firewall. Please try first two TSA servers in same Windows box.

Putting away Firewall problem - you have to start TSA1 first.

Regards, Shmuel
tc-config.xml (10.6 KB)

Dear Shmuel Coller-san,

Thanks for the advice very much.
Terracotta is version 4.3.

I just found that the cause of the problem is DNS and Active Directory.
I resolve the problem that host names in tc-config.xml (attached) could not
be found from each computers.

Now the one Terracotta Server is Active, and the other Standby.
The fail over operation is also OK.

When I meet the other problem, please sincerely help.

Best regards,
Shogo Tatsuzawa
tc-config.xml (16.7 KB)


Just for my understanding, Have you done any changes in TC config files? As i didn't see any changes in attached files.   

Or just you rectify the hostname issue @network level.

Krishna PB-san,

Thanks for the reply very much.

Basically, there is no change in tc-config.xml.
(I changed to specify the same ports for 2 hosts for testing.)

Best regards,
Shogo Tatsuzawa

Thanks for the info.


So is this issue resolved now after your DNS and hosts fixed?


Dear rmg-san,

Thanks for the reply.

So is this issue resolved now after your DNS and hosts fixed

Yes, exactly.
(I think I should specify IP address at first.)

Best regards,
Shogo Tatsuzawa