Tamino failure after changing IP address

My computer runs on WindowsNT Server 4 and has two network cards ,the IP address values of which have been xxx.xx.xx.32 and xxx.xx.xx.30. I use the 32 address.I changed the second address from 30 to 78 due to a network conflict.Tamino could not function after this,giving me these errors when I tried creating a database :

1.Could not add XTS entry for database Sample on compname.domain.com with port 3218 INOAAE0172

2.Version of Tamino not found. Please use ‘set version’ command to change the version to the installed INOAAF0002

3.The “Create Database” function failed INOAAE0459

I adjusted the value of SAGXTSDShost in the hosts file as per the INOAAE0172 instructions from 30(which was its value) to 78 ;I did not adjust the value of SAGXTSDSport. Still the database will not function.

Finally I uninstalled Tamino,System Managment Hub,Bolero and Apache but could not uninstall XTS because it insists I uninstall other programs that rely on it but I cant figure out what they are.Thats another problem.

Would anyone be so kind as to enlighten me on these problems?


Do you use DNS for XTS lookups? If you don’t know about XTS or the answer is no, please have a look at your hosts file (resides in c:\winnt\system32\drivers).

Can you please tell me what the old and the new IP address, and the entries for SAGXTSDShost and SAGXTSDSport?

Hi all,

I have been unavailable for a while but I’m back.Thanks Hiran for your answer.I finally had to redo my machine due to other problems that cropped up.I now use only one IP address and Tamino is fully functional once again.

One of my main hopes is that a forum like this will soon be set up especially for EntireX.We need active communities for SoftwareAG products.Its good these are on the way.