Trying to run a client code


i created a service in the developer that gets a file from the harddisc and processes it.
i then created a client code using the tool in the developer.
i ran the client code from another machine. but the code is using the file that i have mentioned in the machine where i created the service.

but i wanted to use the client code to refer to the file that is in the client machine.

could anybody tell me a way in which i can use the client code to get the file from the loclmachine instead of using the file in the server.

If you are using getFile service to get the file then all the files should placed inside the webmethods6/IntegrationServer directories only.
And this service cannot access the local folders and files (on c:…)

Or else you need to use file polling mechanism provided by webMethods.
by opening a filepolling port in the ISAdmin console of ports section.


if that is the case how will i be able to send a file to the Trading network using the client code.

i have to use the file that is in the localmachine and i have to send that file to the service running in the server(another machine).

could u please be able to help me out.