pub.file:getfile is not working in 6.5

I placed file in my local box, i used built in service pub.file:getfile, at filename in service in i have given complete path (location of file). when i tried to run this service am getting following error mesage [ISS.0086.9020] C:\work\product.xml does not exist

It will work…

path which you mentioned(C:\work\product.xml), it should be where webmethods Instance installed. Do you have the webmethods instance in your local box…


webMethods instance is not located in my local box. Is there any thing to work it out.

pub.file:getfile will get the file from where webmethods instance located. you have to put your file in webMethods server machine, not your local box.

But i dont have access to that box where webmethods instance is located, is there any other way to take file from my local box.

If your local drive is exposed to the network as a network share, and your IS is running under and account that has network access, then you can get the file. The filename would use the UNC format such as \yourlocalhostname\c$

I assume this is for testing/proof of concept since using your local box for a production solution is not advisable.