error while using getFile

Hi all,
Just i am picking file from Local System for that i am using pub.file:getFile
In pipe line service :
filename : C:\test\wadj.txt (file exists)

and i am passing this document to converToValues and i want to publish that document to Broker(pub.publish:publish).

I am getting the following error.

Could not run ‘test’. [ISS.0086.9020] C:\test\wadj.txt does not exist

Basically you should keep the file in webMethods home directories like root wm6/IS/abc.txt or some where in IS/packages/pub folder,so getFile can access the file provided with in IS path.

The service cant locate the file if you keep in local c:\ drive etc…



C:\webMethods61\Developer\test.txt (as per document we can keep any where in the local sysyem, If i mistaken i am sorry ).Again i placed in the developer folder.because server running at some where.I don’t have permissions to place in server.

An error occurred while tracing. [FFP.0018.0009] Input parameter ffData cannot be null.

Are you seeing the getFile able to load the file from Developer folder and data/stream object in pipeline?

The above error thrown by convertToValues service,please make sure you are mapping ffData input.Just map data/bytes or convert stream to string or bytes for this service it should work.


Try either “escaping” your back-slashes like this “c:\folder\subfolder\file.txt” or using the unix-style forward slash path separator like this c:/folder/subfolder/file.txt.


I read this to mean you placed the file on the machine where Developer is installed and that the IS instance is installed on another machine? The file to read must be in a location that the server has access to. That means the file must be on a drive local to the server machine or on a network share that it can access. The server probably doesn’t have access to your development machine.