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Hi, I am a new wmUser, so will enjoy this new community.

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Hi All,
This is best place to search for webmethods related stuff. I found many good solutions.

I want some java services senario for practice…

You can look in the WmSamples or PSUtilities package get it from the Advantage site.



I am very new for webmethord.Can any one tell me that how can publish an document by java services.

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Why do you want to develop a custom java while you have pub.publish:publish service exist out of box?


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hi RMG,
I Have a problem

I have a problem to write on the local disk and here in the file services:
Receive_test: who can send the doc to TN
ExtractOrder: who can write on the local disk

NB:see attachment

and when I run I have the following error : [ISC.0049.9005] Input validation for service ‘TN: ExtractOrder’ failed: ‘/ bizDoc / InternalID VV-005 [ISC.0082.9034] Field is absent, field must exist’

I have a problem ,I am using a service named :Receive_test which send a doc in TN and after i am using a other service named “ExtractOrder” which write file in local disk ,in the service “ExtractOrder” i use
and in getContentart i use a right Input ,when I run the service I have a following error:

see:attachement [ISC.0049.9005] Input validation for service ‘TN:ExtractOrder’ failed: '/bizDoc/InternalID VV-005 [ISC.0082.9034] Field is absent, field must exist (37.2 KB)

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