Read Local system file

Dear Gurus,

We are having a requirement where I want upload the file from local systen and transfer it to the another server through IS. Our IS is running on other system.

How can I achieve this, wat is the best method in wM.

I have tried with getFile service from wMPublic folder but it is able to read file from IS server only.

How could I do this?

Thanks in Advance.

You can configure Filepolling port for this requirement… it’s quite simple and easy to maintain…

Make sure you the user with which the IS is running have the access to read the file from source server and write to the target location.

Please go thorugh the Documentation (IS Admin Guide) for the same … and post back if you face any issues…



Several ways to achieve that :

  1. Mount your “local” file system on the server (NFS, SAMBA …) and load the files using FilePooling
  2. if you’re under Unix and having a GNOME environment you can also mount IS’ FTP on GNOME desktop so it will be transparent for the user (I never tried but it’s a quite elegant solution … if wM is smart enough to handle this kind of communication).
  3. create a batch on your locale system that FTP the file directly to the IS (invoke your “client” service)

Solution #1 is the easiest way but you have to be very cautious with your network and FP settings.
#2 can be considered as an alternative and you don’t need to bother with File Polling
#3 is good for automatic application to application communication

All those solutions are easy to implement but not user friendly.

So the solution I’m using is the following :

I built a web application (apache/PHP) with a nice GUI where users can upload there files and this application is calling some webServices at wM side to process documents and provide feedbacks to users.
It’s both efficient, reliable, powerful and it’s very user oriented (more, Firefox have some nice extension allowing users to simply drag/drops documents to this appl).

I tried different solutions and it’s definitively my favorite :smiley: