Load a File from Client to Remote machine

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Im a new bie to webMethods. I am trying to access a csv file on the local file system on the client machine. Then using the csv file I am parsing and fetching the data in the database using jdbc adapter. The IS is present on a remote server. Is there an approach to access this file without moving it to the server? or how do I load the file from client machine to remote IS server?

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Most folks do this via a file polling port on the IS accessing a NFS mount or SAN share that the client machine has access to. If the client machine has a FTP server, then you could use the WMPublic pub.client.ftp services. If the client machine has an HTTP server, you could try a GET with pub.client:http.

Hi Phil,

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your comments. That was really helpful to start with!