FTP CSV Flat files

We are implementing an interface, which need to get a file from source FTP location and have to put that CSV file in target FTP locations.Can some one explain the detailed procedure to implement this interface.
CSV handling while using FTPs. Appretiate your suggestions.

Does your integration need to parse or process the file content in any way? If not, then just use the services in pub.client.ftp to do the file transfer.

If the integration needs to do some processing of the file content, review the IS Flat File Schema Developer’s Guide.

My integration is not going to do any processing of CSV files. I need to get the file from one FTP server to another FTP server. And have to apply the PGP encryption technique. Can some explain the detailed process.

Use pub.client.ftp services to get the file from the source.
Use OpenPGP package (available from wM) to encrypt.
Use pub.client.ftp services to put the file to the target.