Encrypted flat files


In my project I have to send flat files in encrypted form over FTP in webMethods 4.6. I gone through disscussion form regarding PGP. If anyone has idea regarding encrypted flat files please respond to this


There are multiple approaches to sending data securely over FTP. They basically fall into two categories 1) encrypt the data on the sending end before sending over an unencrypted FTP connection or 2) implement one of the secure FTP solutions (commercial or open source) supported by your industry. For example, Sterling Commerce Connect:Direct was common among financial service vendors who still relied on or dictated secure transfer of flat files.

Assuming that you need to exchange these flat files with external partners, you will have to first agree on a standard that most of them can (and will) support.

The product roadmap presented at IW2003 says that Integration Server is scheduled to support Secure FTP in the release currently planned for the April timeframe which, I think, will be called version 6.5.

Can you tell us more about your partners’ requirements?


Hi Sunny,

You may also applied the Open PGP (Java API) in Integration Server. By doing so, you need to write some Java services to perform the PGP Encryption and Decryption services. You can use the following link to get the Open PGP API :- [url=“http://www.cryptix.org/products/openpgp/index.html”]http://www.cryptix.org/products/openpgp/index.html[/url]


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