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Has anyone any experience of incorporating GPG as preferred over PGP? I have read people have had issues using PGP when GPG is expected. I have also seen in communities there is a package developed supporting GPG which can be loaded into the Integration Server however does this mean the encryption/decryption needs to be added as a manual step in the MFT event definition opposed to PGP configuration on the Virtual Folder.

Any guidance/experience welcome

check out this: KB #: 1744425
Summary of PGP and GPG, and how they work together with webMethods.
Relationship between PGP and GPG

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is a data encryption program. While the official version of the program is proprietary and now owned by Symantec, an open standard called OpenPGP was created to ensure interoperability with other programs. GPG (or GnuPG) is a free and open-source implementation of the OpenPGP standard, and is interoperable with any other version of PGP that implements it.

Interoperability between PGP and GPG

Although the official PGP client and GPG adhere to the OpenPGP standard, they won?t necessarily work together out of the box. An OpenPGP client can support different encryption algorithms, and you need to make sure that the same algorithm is being used by all clients. The official PGP client uses to use the IDEA (AES256 algorithm for the corporate version) algorithm by default, while GPG uses CAST5. PGP supports CAST5, and GPG requires a plugin in order to use IDEA.

PGP and webMethods

PGP can be used with webMethods, but it is not officially supported. Software AG provides a sample OpenPGP package that can be used as a good reference. It uses GPG by default, but any PGP client can be swapped in. The pdf guide to the sample can be found in Empower at
r_Integration_Server_tcm121-52996.pdf. The actual code can be downloaded from
bmethods/esb/SAMPLE-20120523151105291.html. The code was released in 2004 and has not been updated since, so it may have issues running on newer versions of webMethods.

Any luck with this Darin?

Hi Yong, Just curious,Is the above KB article shared didn’t help you?