Encryption of files using PGP

Hi there,

I’m hoping that somebody might be able to help me with what I hope is a simple question.

Is there any way that files can be encrypted, preferably using PGP, as they are processed by MFT?

In short, I want to action a file transfer, picking up a un-encrypted file or files, and have them encrypted with a public PGP key before sending. Hopefully, there’s a way to discard files with errors etc.

It might be that this is native to the product of we can call a pgp command line as the files are processed?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Campbell,

please explore the Samples Download section of the TechCommunity.

There should be an IntegrationServer package named openPGP if I remember right.


Campbell, Creating an event, and then for action, select “Execute File Operation”. Then for action, select encrypt or decrypt… If you are going to encrypt, then all you need to do is add the partners key in the “Encryption Key File”. This is pretty straight forward.

You can use the wm.mft.security.pgp:generatePGPKeyFiles service to generate an OpenPGP key pair. For details, see webMethods ActiveTransfer Built-In Services Reference.