Scheduled events with PGP decryption

Hello all,

does anyone have experience using PGP file decryption with MFT events?
More specifically, has anyone used to
generate PGP keys and then use the private key to decrypt a
file in a MFT event?

If you have success doing this, could you please go in detail on how you decrypted the file using an MFT event
as an example?

I ask because currently I am using MFT event to download a PGP encrypted file from an FTP server.
The file was encrypted with Kleopatra using the public key that was generated by webmethods. I try to decrypt it using an MFT event with the decrypt action but it fails. I have tried many different ways with no luck.

any help would be appreciated.


Hi Cory,

Did you find a way to decrypt the file?

Could you please share it, if you managed to do.


I have it working. To decrypt PGP files using webmethods MFT you must use PGP keys generated by webmethods. From my testing, I was not able to get PGP keys generated from 3rd party software to work with MFT decryption.

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Thanks Cory for the update and your response does really help!

Hi Corry,

Do you mean that if we are using a third party MFT solutions, & then trying to decrypt using wM PGP will not work ?

Do let me know , as we are trying to decrypt the file generated by third part MFT solution with wM @ our end.


We did not use the to generate our keys.
We are using the Active Transfer Decrypt and have no issue. We add our secret ring to the Decryption Key File and it works.

Thank you Jack.