Using Trading Network for flat file processing

Hi All

I am new to webmethods am keen to know if the solution that I am trying to implement makes sense or not ? I have to process inbound CSV files and have a response for ever record processed as an outbound CSV file with the records having most of the contents from the inbound csv files. So while preparing the outgoing files I need to append to the inbound records. I would like to use trading network. Please advice on the following :

  1. I plan to build a service to poll the incoming directory for files. using get file or a customed java service.
  2. On receiving the file the file is pushed to a gateway service for trading network.
  3. In TN I plan to use the flatfile schema and also call appropriate business processes to process the data.

The problem is once the data is process I need to create a response and create the outbound csv file using the trading network. Whats the most effective way to desgning this ?? I understand that T/N can deliver a flat file via ftp.

Should I use EDI adapters with custom flatfile schema ??? whats the advantage.

Right now we have one patner who will submit the file for upload. later we plan to scale up this model for additional clients…hence design is critical for this project.

Please help…