Performance Issue

Hi All ,

I have question for you guys ,

Here I am processing a flat file that convert to EDI then queing on TN.

First I am doing split large file (Example : If I have 10 MB flat file this file will split into 10 files each 1 MB ) Then mapping will convert the Flatfile to EDI format here then we queing this files to TN (Using tn.receive)…

Here my question is while queing up the file Is there any chance to increase the performance ., for me this taking long time to process.

I appretiate your Suggestion and solutions … I am sure I will get good one !

What part of the processing is taking longer than desired? Is it the queueing? The batching of the queued transactions?

It’s in queing to TN.

How long is it taking? How are you measuring the time? What are the details of your processing rule?

To Process 7MB file (EACH 1mb Subfile) it’s taking 61 min . That includes getting files from server ,converting to EDI and queing to TN.

Processing Rule setted as synchronous .