Max EDI File Size

Is there any inherent file size limit in WebMethods as to what can be processed? I work at a Fortune 50 corporation, and we are receiving EDI 835 files from a large national healthcare payer that are over 2GB in size, all of which are contained within a single ISA/IEA envelope. My WebMethods team (offshore contractors) are telling me there is no way to process files larger than 2GB, and I am doubting their claim. Hard to believe that this well-established healthcare payer would produce 835 files that can’t be processed ‘ever’ by Webmethods…

If files larger than 2GB can indeed be processed, can you point me toward the right place in configuration to change that limit?



you might want to check for the large file handling feature in IS.

Remember to increase the JVM memory to the IS in the startup configuration so that the JVM has enough space to load the large documents correctly.


Hi Douglas,

Irrespective of Single or multiple ISA, You might need a larger memory to process the GB’s of files.

ideally, Creating chunks out of the large file will give you better preformance rather than loading entire files in your JVM at a time.

Also, make ensure to process these files during non-peak traffic if it is scheduled once. if not process these files in a separate instance would be best as not to put overhead on your server resource.


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