WebMethods EDI data handling capacity


we are considering webMethods 6.0.1 EDI module for an application of ours. we should be able to process atleast 1.5GB of data on average per day. Also, some of the files that we might be receving are pretty huge in size about 400-600MB. Myquestion is, Can webMethods scale upto data of this size?? This is very crucial for us and I appreciate your help on this.


I believe WebMethods will handle what you ask. The amount of data is not an issue. The issue sound more like, “How large are the documents?”. WebMethods 6.01 will handle large docuemnts also. However, you will need a very large amount of RAM memory as well as ten times the disk space of your large documents to handle tmp space configurations.

When you say at least 1.5GB per day with 400-600 mgs in a document, that equals about 3 to 4 documents. Is that correct? I imagine most documents are quite small compared to that.

Jim Palmer

Refer to the large doc handling docs for ways to use memory efficiently.