Large EDI TN Processing

I have large flat files, 450 MB - 846. I am able to iterate and create a 4010-846 xml document on file system successfully.
I now need to publish this to TN to start another flow that parses the 846-xml to EDI type and publish to Trading networks.
My process works fine with a small document.

What service do I use to publish large document to TN without out of memory.
Currently I open file input stream and then

This fails with memory issue.

We have large document set up per documentation. Do I need to use

I have not been successful using this.
If anyone has any examples of large, very large processing of EDI documents it would be much appreciated.

The section “Large Document Handling” under the below link will give you the details, let me know if you still have issues

Mahesh K Sreenivasulu, I have set up the handleLargeDoc but no data is being sent into TN.
Is there another step that needs to be done after

Its been years, I had implemented this but can check and get back at the earliest. Meanwhile do you see any errors or post your flow snippet?