Large transaction handling

Hi there,

I had a question around large transactions coming in through EDI.

We are just starting out with EDI with IS 6.5,EDI and TN. The EDI transactions will come in via TN and needs to be sent into SAP. There is some validation and custom processing that needs to be done to massage these transactions before they are entered into SAP.

There are a few nagging questions:

  1. Should we code the business processes in WM, or SAP? We would obviously prefer to do that in SAP since the business logic should go there, but the concern is that these transactions could be orders with potentially 70,000 lines with multiple orders everyday and thus might cause performance issues in SAP.
  2. Could we use large document handling to split up these huge transactions into maybe multiple 500 line transactions or so? Does anyone have experience with this large volume of document handling? If this is done, how does the WM performance fare?
  3. What is the maximum number of lines that has been published in the broker for a large order?
  4. Would it be better to put the split up logic in SAP or WM? Which in your opinion can deal with it better?
  5. Assuming that the splitting logic takes place in WM, based on a business process (e.g. all lines that need to be shipped will be in one order, certain material types need to be grouped in one order, etc ) and not by random splitting of lines. Is it possible to sort the EDI document by certain fields and then split it that way?

If you could share any experience/comments at all with any one of these questions, it would be great.