Outbound Large Document handling pubflatFileconvertToString

We are using webMethods 6.5. We have a scenario were a large EDI transaction set has to be transformed to a flat file. The approx size of the input/output ratio is 1:6 i.e. for a 1 MB sized transaction set the ouptut generated is 6 MB. Now the process works fine when we have smaller sized transaction say till 16 MB. But when the size of the transaction increases beyond 16 MB the convertToString service seems to be eating up lot of memory leaving nothing for further processing services to run and the whole process ends up in OutOfMemory error.

The first thing that came to our mind is the JVM and the heap related settings (JVM - 1.4.2_08, MIN_MEM/MAX_MEM =1024M/1436M), we are pretty much maxed out here and can’t do much. Just wondering what webMethods IS could be doing in these scenarios. webMethods do has a large document handling on the inbound/receiving side (convertToValues) but I am surprised to see a similar concept missing in the outbound/sending side (convertToString). The resulting IDATA/Document of a map service could be huge in size and not sure how we can have the convertToString handle it without much of memory issues. Is there a way Out ?

Appreciate everyone’s comments on this.

I heard IS6.5 have some performance issues overall,so please contact tech support if they have some resolutions…

PS:There is one thread posted in this form about IS6.5 performance is poor but everyone know lot of ehancements made in the TN/EDI process in 6.5 vs 6.1.