Trading partner recognition


is it possible to pass sender and receiver to trading networks, and let not do trading networks do the recognition of sender and receiver?
i am talking about xml files…

when i set sender and receiver in the pipeline they will be overwritten from the service that sends the document to trading networks…

thanks a lot


Can you please elaborate more on your query/requiremnt,what you are trying to do?

Sorry for asking again.

hi rmg,

ok, what i want do is the following:
i have an xml file, which i want to send to TN…
but i want not let TN do the sender / receiver recognition because the sender and receiver id will change in the xml file…
so i want to specify the sender/receiver before sending the xml file to TN… is this possible?
is there a possibility to pass the sender and receiver to TN?

thanks a lot for your help


So before routing xml to TN,you can edit the xml the fields mapping contain sender/receiver which the externalId’s value is different for that profile and documenttype you already set up and so TN will not recognize and will select the default rule with “sender/receiver as unknown”