Trading Networks - Delivery Batch not draining Queue

WebMethods 10.3 - Trading Networks

This is a production issue. We have a Trading Partner where the delivery methods is queue for polling using the built in EDI Batch process. I’ve confirmed that the documents are processed and queued for delivery. When I manually execute the service “” there are pending tasks in the list.

However, when I manually execute the service “” with the queue name, the documents are not dequeued and processed further for delivery.

Any ideas why this would happen?

I thought this is supposed to cause the IS to grab all queue tasks and batch them into a single X12 envelope for further processing.


Hopefully, it is Schedule delivery not Queue for polling.
In case of schedule delivery please check the Queue configuration for the Required parameters like
Sender and receiver details are correct along with SingleOutput is selected.

It will be helpful if you share the snapshot of the Queue configuration.

Arunjyoti Naik

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Thanks Arunjyoti…

This was exactly the issue…

This queue hadn’t been touched in several upgrade cycles.

It appears that when we needed to making changes to the queue this time, all the original settings were cleared without our knowledge as we saved the queue.

I ended up having to get a restore of the system from years ago (amazing they still had it) in a sandbox server to determine the previous settings. Once I put them back in, everything worked fine.



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Thanks Arunjyoti…

I was able to figure it out.

When I went to make schedule changes to the queue the setting were deleted by accident and I didn’t notice. I had to restore the configuration from before the deployment to production and it worked.


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