EDI Batch - Multiple Senders and Receivers



I need to be able to batch outbound EDI documents for multiple partners and send them out at a set time each day. Ideally I only want to use a single public queue for all partners so that there is only a single thread being used to create the batch documents as these documents can be quite large and I am worried about memory usage if multiple queues all start processing at the same time.

Is it possible to use a single public queue to batch documents for multiple receivers using the standard EDI Batch delivery service? If so, how do I configure the inputs to the public queue?

I have tried creating a queue and not specifying the senderIDQualifier, senderID, receiverIDQualifier and receiverID variables in the inputs tab however when the queue fires to create the batch I get the following error in the TN activity log: “ID and ID qualifier error [EDIFTN.000010.000760]”.

My interpretation of the EDI documentation would seem to suggest that it is possible to use a single queue for processing multiple partners as the criteria for sorting by the batchProcess service is EDI standard/version, [u]sender/receiver[/u] and production mode.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

I don’t think there is a easier way to use single queue for batching requirements which deals with different partners (receivers) as its all depends on sender/receiver even though you use wild card based but to me this never worked straight forward unless there is some custom setup need to be in place.

One more thing I would suggest is you said memory/storage/holding of the batching file (internally TN uses), you also need to implement TSpace settings below and restart the IS to take affect.

watt.server.tspace.location= your directory path goes here where you want temporary storage that TN can use it


Thanks for the swift response RMG.

So, just to confirm, I will need to use multiple public queues to batch EDI documents for different sender/receiver combinations? If so I will see if I can stagger the times that the public queue invokes the batchProcess to try and minimise resource issues.

The tspace settings are already in place as I already tripped over the undocumented ‘feature’ that batched EDI envelopes are ALWAYS treated as large documents - even if the TN and EDI configuration is set not to use large document handling :smiley:

Yes that is what I have been doing multiple public queues…and the only over head is maintaining different queues for each TP and so the lesser batching requests from Receiver’s the better :smiley:

You should be all set then on the TSpace settings :smiley: