Generic EDI batch with webMethods Trading Network and EDI Module

Out of the many requested feature, we have received the feature to support the generic EDI batch which can be applicable to the entire partner or some set of partners. Though the product doesn't provide the out of the box feature to configure the generic batch, one can easily configure one by referring the mentioned below point:

Here are the steps to achieve this requirement:

  1. Create a sender and receiver profiles
  2. Define your public queue with queue types as EDI Batch, schedule parameter as "Run Once" (select date 2-4 month from now to avoid scheduled execution) and with below inputs parameters:
  3. Now go to MWS, create a new processing rule with configured sender and receiver and select "Delivery Document By" in Action tab. Select "Scheduled Delivery" and give the queue name just created in step 2. In document type select the appropriate document type.
  4. Next part is to create a service which will process the Queued data in fix interval of time. In these service first we will list the queued task and then getTask with content = true. Once we will get the task, we will check the status if QUEUED then only we will process otherwise we will exit with success logging empty queue. We will extract the InputData from the getTask output and map the some of the bizdoc parameter to EDI wm.b2b.editn.batch:batchProcess service like.
    1. senderID with OriginalSenderID
    2. receiverID with OriginalReceiverID
    3. version with DocType/version

You can map some more parameter like qualifier by setting attribute while submitting the data

  1. Other parameters are same as mentioned in point 1st. refer Service snapshot below (flow.xml for this demo service attached)

  1. Next is to create a scheduler in IS with configuration you required. Refer the snapshot

  1. Please refer attachment for complete solution IS ( package.

flow.xml (54 KB) (7.76 KB)