EDI Batching


We have a requirement to batch EDI documents for diffreent trading partners. I have few questions here

  1. Should we create a public queue per partner and per document type in TN?
  2. At what stage the EDi document should be published to TN?
  3. We currently use the wm.EDIINT.send service tosend the edi document to Tn which is recognised as EDIINT in TN and sent to the partner immediately. if we need to batch only certain doc types how do we recognise indicidual doc types in TN to create a custom processing rule to push them to the queue?
  4. What are the steps that we need to follow to send the batched documents?

Any help on these please…


Hi Sridhar,

Please review this online doc and it should be self explanatory on basic setting up the EDI batching feature via TN etc…