EDI Batching

We are in the process of converting our existing EDI to webMethods and we are now starting on our outbound EDI transactions. Our invoicing partners want to have all of there invoices in one interchange being sent to them.
We have run into a problem with the EDI Batching on out test server. We are running EDI 6.5.2. The problem is that when we submit EDI data into the batching queue the batching is using the internal partner id’s to read the EDIControlNumber table.
Instead of using the sender/receiver id’s and qualifier
Sender 01 007944580
Receiver 01 966851875
It is using
Sender 7k8gld00uia017a500000008
Receiver 7k8gle001l0n0j5g0000022i
Has anyone else run into this problem?

Not sure if you found the solution but if I understand you correctly you will want to run the wm.b2b.editn:ediPartnerIDtoTNPartnerID transformer on your sender and receiver id,s. What is happening is the IS is using the internal format and not the format setup in TN.


You have to build custom service to use the TN ID instead of the external ids. We have had lots of discussion with wM regarding this and they did not provide any fix. I am not sure if this has changed in newer version like 7.0. It never worked in 6.5 without the custom service for batching incase you want to use the external id