I want to change the required idType to be mutually defined. what setting should I put in the properties? it is currently id.required.idType=DUNS

tn.required.idType=Mutually Defined

so spaces are allowed? I thought I read in the documentation that spaces in the property values were not allowed…but I’ve tried it and it seems to work.

thanks anyway.

Hey Luke,

Yep, “Mutually Defined” with a space is allowed.

Are you referring to the TN User’s Guide where it states:

“This required ID type cannot contain any white spaces and the default value is DUNS.”

If so, this is indeed misleading. The restriction applies to the values assigned to each profile, not to the value of the property itself. In the default case, a DUNS identifier cannot contain spaces. When the required ID type is “Mutually Defined” then profiles cannot have a “Mutually Defined” identifier that contains spaces.

This is because the required ID is used to create an IS user account, which cannot contain spaces.


yeah, that’s what I read.

that does help. thanks.

Easier way to do it (and less prone to error). Just bring up TN Console, Tools->Server Setup…->Profile, select from here.